Did you know?

Promotional products offer a better ROI than almost any other type of marketing out there, including television ads. One way to calculate ROI is through the cost-per-impression, or the average amount of money that is spent for a campaign compared to the number of times someone sees the advertisement. For example, the average cost-per-impression for a promotional baseball cap is only 0.002 cents. That's one-fifth of a cent for each impression! The figure is about the same for personalized calendars, logo bags, and three-dollar custom pens. Shirts have an average cost per impression of 0.005, or half a cent.

Television ads often have a much higher cost-per-impression. Prime time TV spots, for example, are 0.019 cents per impression. That's more than nine times the cost of using high quality promotional pens. Cable TV ads average at about 0.007 cents per impression, which is still a significant increase over promotional products, although television advertising will generally cost more overall. Another drawback of using TV ads is that they usually require a significantly larger minimum investment to get started than promotional products do, and that's bad news for a new business or a business that doesn't have a huge marketing budget.

Media advertising like newspaper ads, magazine ads, and radio spots are also much more expensive than promotional items. A half-page black-and-white ad in a newspaper costs about 0.019 cents per impression, and ads in national magazines are an average of 0.033 cents per impression. The cost of a spot radio ad is 0.005 cents.

Questions To Answer...

1)  Who is your target audience?

2)  What products does your target audience use every day?

3)  Is there a theme to your event or your company as a whole?

4)  What is your budget?

5)  What is your timeline?

6)  The products that you buy "says" something about your company - what do you want to tell your audience?

By answering these questions we help our clients find synergies between their businesses marketing goals and the products that you use to increase your brand equity with the very best - ROI.

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